Garden statuary and garden sculptures


In Your Home

Garden statues for those looking for a piece of art for a quiet corner

For those who meditate and want to create a serene site for their practice

For those who worship the Goddess and enjoy her manifestations

For those who appreciate the beauty of women

In Landscaping

Original outdoor statuary for architects, gardeners and landscapers

For gardens, decks and yards, with a backdrop of rocks, grasses, flowers or other plants

In Professional Offices

For therapists, healers or health professionals of traditional and alternative medicine who want to welcome their clients with a positive and beautiful work of art

As a Gift with Meaning

For those who wish to give a symbol of peace, or strength, of beauty

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garden statues and garden sculptures

Garden Sculptures - Western Buddha

It all starts with a lump of clay...

out of which I sculpt my garden and indoor statuary and fountains. Next I have molds made from these copyrighted originals. The sculptures and fountains are then cast in designer resin and hand finished at Leo Fiori's in Rancho Cordova, California.

WESTERN BUDDHA, MOTHER & CHILD and PREGNANT WOMAN sculptures are cast in both small and large sizes. TWO WOMEN is currently available only in the small size. The Kuan Yin statuary comes as both a SMALL STATUE and as a TABLETOP FOUNTAIN.


Private showings at my gallery in Oakland, CA may be arranged by appointment.

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Garden Sculpture

Photography by
Limor Inbar-Hansen
George Post

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